Visitor Visa Extension Approved

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United States

am sharing the following info for all, i am sure it helps:

my parents came to US in mar2004, got 6 mon entry. 6-mo extn filed early aug, website showed approval late sept, approval letter recd early oct. they have come to US 2 times earlier (2000 for 1 month and late 2002 for 5 mo). Note that we sent photocopy of I-94, NOT the original.

3 LETTERS: 1 from my father requesting extn, 1 from me saying I will take them around and will support them, and 1 similar letter from my brother.
Notarized affidavit of support (Form I-134)
Employment Verification
Bank statements indicating availability of funds.
Recent pay-stubs
2003 W-2 and Tax return
Proof of property ownership (of my parents) in India (I THINK THIS IS THE KEY BECAUSE IT SHOWS TIES WITH INDIA.)
Copy of return ticket (valid for 1 yr)
Invitation letter from my younger son to visit the east coast of USA

TEXT OF THE LETTERS: "My parents have come to visit me and see various places of interest in USA. Due to my pre-occupation with the job commitments, I have not been able to take them to places outside of bay area such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon, Reno and other places of interest in the neighboring states like Nevada and Oregon. To visit these places, my parents are dependent upon me due to the language constraint. As I work on a full-time basis, I am not able to take long vacation. So, I have to use weekends to accompany them to visit these places. Also, due to their age, my parents cannot visit all these places in a short period of time in a package tour, as it would be too constraining and hectic for them."

"We are culturally and emotionally very much tied to India. We also own property in India that we need to take care of. We assure you that we will leave the USA before the expiration of authorized stay".

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