Frequently Asked Questions - Immigration through Marriage

Getting married to a green card holder
I might be getting married to a green card holder who has it since 5 years and is eligible to apply for a citizenship next june. If I get married to him now when will I be eligible to get a visa to join him in America? What sort of visa will help me be with him and when?

Once he is a Citizen, he can apply for a K-3 and/or green card for you. Each one of them takes different times, usually less than a year.

Fastest Method of Getting Spouse of a Green Card into the USA and Reducing Wait
I am a US permanent residence (Green card holder) working in the US. I have received my Re-entry permit which will expire in Feb 2019. I have plans to get married to a bride from India and I will be visiting India shortly. I know that to process Family based second category GC (F2A) for my wife in India can take a minimum of 2 years and I will be separated from my wife during this time. Here is my plan to live together (with my wife from Day 1 in the USA) after getting married in India. After my marriage, ask my wife to apply for a tourist visa and I will send the sponsorship letter required by US consulate. Do you see any challenges in my wife's tourist visa application getting approved if my wife states that she is visiting the USA to see her husband if the Visa officer asks any question?
Best Methods for Spouse of a Green Card Holder to Enter the USA
I am a US GC holder and planning to get married to a bride in India. If I get married to a bride in India, can she get a tourist visa.? (Bride is a Software engineer working in India.)My idea is that after marriage, my wife enters the US under Tourist and stay for 6 months and then go to Canada and renter the US and stay in the US with me for next 6 months for a total of a 1 year.
Effect of Divorce on an Employment-Based Case and Cross-Chargeability
I got married in May last year and my wife was born in Malaysia . I was on H-1B with I-140 approved then and learnt about cross chargeability and filed for green card in June, we both got our green card in October. Things are not going well with marriage and my wife moved to NY and she is thinking of getting divorce. If divorce does happen does this affect mine or her green card?
Applying for green card while visiting the USA
I am contemplating marriage to a GC holder and I have a question regarding I-130 and AOS. My prospective spouse got GC in Jan 2015. I currently hold a valid visitors visa to USA and I have visited USA many times on this visa.Is it possible to get married, enter USA on the existing visitors visa and then immediately apply for I-130 and Adjustment of Status. What are the risks/implications with this approach. What is the best procedure in these circumstances?
Green Card Process for Spouse of US Permanent Resident
I am a US Permanent Resident from Nepal. My girlfriend (soon to be wife) is a student doing her MBA and is in F-1 visa (student). She is graduating in May 2015 and will start her OPT soon after that. We are planning to get court married real soon (within a month) and file for her green card soon after that. Once she gets her green card, we'll go home and get married with all the religious ceremonies. I had few questions about the green card process for my wife. I looked through various threads of various forums and I am more confused than before on how exactly this process works. I got conflicting answers for these questions. So, I am posting these questions so that I could get the correct answers from the expect himself. I understand that for my wife's GC, first I need to petition I-130 and she needs to wait until her priority date becomes current (which the people say can take several years to be current), then she needs to apply for Adjustment of Status. 1. Could you go briefly on the whole process from start to finish? 2. Some of the threads on the other forums said that the Congress changed the law so that there is no wait time for Spouse of Permanent Resident to apply for her green card. How much truth is in this statement? 3. Some people who applied about a year or two ago said that they got their GC on hand within 6 months. How is that even possible when the wait time to just apply for GC under this category is several years? 4. What happens if she applies before her priority date becomes current? Will her application be denied or will it just sit in a queue (first come first serve) until the priority date becomes current and then it will get processed? 5. If she starts her OPT in May 2015 and the OPT lasts for 1 year (till May 2016), would that be enough time for her to apply for GC through my petition?

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.


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