Frequently Asked Questions - L-2 Visa

Travel Outside The USA When A Case Is Pending

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Video Transcript

1. Yes, you can travel.

2. I don't know the exact local rules, but you have to go for visa stamping.

3. You should not go until the amendment is actually approved. More...


Does H-4 Require a Prior USCIS Approval for Visa Stamping?
Is it legal to work for a foreign based company in the USA?
Permanent Employment with L-2 Visa with Valid EAD

You do not currently have the visa to work permanently. But, there is NO PROBLEM with you working on a permanent job on temporary basis.

Change of status from L-2 to H-4

H-4 holders can not use the EAD they received while on L-2. If you can, change to H-1.

L-2 visa and EAD processing

You should apply (not the employer) for the EAD ASAP. Processing times are on USCIS web site.

L-2 visa application for spouse

 Tell the truth. I see no reason why you need to worry. An L-2 is permission, not an obligation. She can come and leave as she pleases.

L-2 Visa without EAD
Starting business on L-2 visa

With an EAD, an L-2 can work anywhere including operating their own business and work as many jobs as they like.

Wife work permit

Personally, I prefer the L-2 option for her. She can work AND go to school. More choices.

L2 Visa holder

You need complete credentialing including a license.

L2 Status

Once you have the EAD you can work for anyone in USA, including a company that is not in USA.

L-2 as dependent turning 21

Correct. Once you are 21, you cannot be on L-2 status.