Frequently Asked Questions - L-1A Visa

Covid Coronavirus Question from Employers about Payroll for H-1B and others L-1, E, etc. employees
Applying for tourist, visitors, B-1, B-2 to maintain status
Time of stay and definition of a manager/executive employee for L-1A and EB-1C
Effect of L-1A Denial on Approved I-140 Green Card
Effect of Salary Variations During L-1A Visa
Current Immigration/Visa Options for Entrepreneurs
Extension of Investor Visas, Religious Visas, Conrad 30 for Physicians

True. The EB-5, the religious visa programs and Conrad 30 waives for foreign physicians have been extended until 8 December 2017 pursuant to H.R. 601 – Continuing Appropriations Act, 2018 and Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Requirements Act, 2017.

Rules for Counting 6 Years of H-1B
Dual Intent Visas and Filing green Card in Multiple Categories Simultaneously

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.

FAQ Transcript

Can I postpone H-1 status

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S.

GC in L1-A Visa

1. You can apply for green card without any wait.

L-1A to EB-1

Since A and B are not related, H-1B is the only obvious option to join B. B can start your green card even before you join, but it will not be EB1 (international manager/exec.).

L-1A Visa and Green Card Application

You or any company not a part of the L-1A employer cannot apply for green card based upon your international manager/executive status.


L-1 A to Greencard

Not entirely true. The GC IS for a future job. An employer CAN, based upon a good faith intention to hire you in the future, file a GC for you even while you are not working for them. But, an EB1 for an international manager/executive can only be filed by a company related to the company you worked for when you were outside USA.

I-94 Extension Time

It can take a few months. You can apply for premium processing even when the case is filed and pending.

L-1A holders trying for EB-1

L-1A holders should try under EB1. You could be done in a year.

Green card for L1-B or L1-A holders

Smaller companies can have a tough time getting an L-1A.

L1A-Blanket petition

There is an exemption of time for people who come to USA and continue working with the same group of companies in USA. Their 3 years are counted back from the date they enter USA.

L1A to EB1 from outside USA

EB1 can be applied while you are outside USA. A new employer can sponsor only after you have worked for them for one year outside USA.

Chances of L1A to EB1

No, sorry. The basis of an International Manager's or Executive's EB-1 filing is that you must have been employed abroad with a related company for one year. Since you will not be able to meet that criterion, I do not see how that type of EB-1 can be filed through a new company.

L1A Extension processing time

L-1A extensions are very difficult unless you meet all the criteria.