Frequently Asked Questions - Form N-470

N-470 helps you preserve your stay abroad for naturalization under certain circumstances. So, even though you are living outside USA, you can accumulate that time for naturalization.

Form N-470

The law says:

1. Generally, you must have been physically present and residing in the United States for an uninterrupted period, without any absences, for at least one year after your admission as a lawful permanent resident before you can file Form N-470.

2. You do not have to be in the United States to file Form N-470, but you must file it before you have been absent from the United States for a continuous period of one year.


Returning to US from India, after a gap of 3 years

She should apply for RR (also known as SB-1) visa. Lose the idea of an "excuse." Nothing but the truth. My GUESS is, you are better off surrendering her green card and reapplying.

Reentry permit is it recommended?

If you are not abandoning your permanent residence in USA (keeping your home, job, etc.), I see no need for a reentry permit for a three-month trip. She should apply and through counsel.

Reentry permit is not a guarantee

Generally speaking, a reentry permit is not a guarantee. It is merely an official declaration of your intention not to abandon your green card. Normally, the govt. does not question it. But if there are facts that make them suspect that you either never established or never intend to establish permanent residence in USA, they can take you to immigration court to take away your green card.

GC and Company Involvement

Company needs to give you a detailed letter and you can work for their India operations.

Eligibility for N-470

1. No, you do not have to be eligible for naturalization.
2. No, you have to file while in USA.
3. No.
4. Yes.

5 and 6 require a lawyer to look over your company's details.

Can my wife use the N-470?

Yes, she can, as long as she meets the other requirements of N-470.