Effect of immigration proclamation/executive order on green cards

I have a question regarding the impact of the recent Executive Order on my parents' greencard application, which is currently underway. I’m a US citizen (India-born, recvd greencard via EB category) and have sponsored the greencard application for my parents, who live in India, via consular processing. I-130 is approved, and we filed DS-260 and Form I-864 on 4/22 before EO was announced. Does the EO impact their case, or given it’s already in-progress (past I-130 approval), will it continue unaffected?

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executive order on green cards

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First of all it does not apply to people who are already in the United States. It impacts, only to the extent that they will not get the immigrant visa stamp on the passport for the next 60 days. FAQ in detail.

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