Applying For H-1B Visa When There Was A Status Violation

Recently I got Consular visa, that my I-797 was approved without I-94 so I need to step out of the country to get H-1B visa stamped. Got laid off from EMP A and took around 55 days for EMP B to file h-1 and now I’m with EMP C. Both I-797's from EMP B and EMP C, I got consular visa to step out for visa stamping.
1. Usually, how much time I have to step out of US for stamping, if I go little after 3-4 weeks what’s the valid reason that I can give to Visa officer at interview time.
2. How can I justify myself about the 55days of gap I have from EMP A to EMP B ( during the time I do not have H-1B status), my attorney suggested that I need to tell VO that “I was looking for a Job and my employer took time to file for H-1B “. I’m not sure whether I can say this. Can you suggest a valid reason to give VO.
3. MY GC Perm Labor has approved and EMP C has applied for I-140 recently and it's still in processing status, during this situation If I get a full-time opportunity can I move with a new employer? OR I have to stay with current one until I get I-140 approved and then transfer with a new employer.

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1. Go as quickly as you can. It isn't an emergency, but it is something you should not take lightly.

2. It is not an issue. Even if you had a 179-day gap it is not at a ground of denial for a visa. Just make sure you reveal it. If they ask you if you were out of status which is a part of the form you will say yes. Be truthful.

3. When you want to move and a case is pending unless the pending case is decided you have to go outside for visa stamping. More



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