Evidence or Documents Created After the Filing of a Petition

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Video Transcript

1. As a general rule, USCIS takes the position that any documents or events that occur after you have filed a case are normally not going to be accepted as part of the case. Level 1 jobs are entry level jobs that are still being developed. If you submit a new LCA and say this is a level 2 position and the LCA is dated after the filing of this case that would be thrown out. You will have to refile the case. 

2. Well if you are not subject to the quota you can always refile the case. 

3. Yes, if you have earlier received a change of status or an H-1 visa. USCIS has been inconsistently telling us that they want us either to get a change of status or an H-1B visa stamping. Near approval is not enough. 

4. Yes, if you have earlier received a change of status or an H-1B visa stamping. More...


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