Job Change after I-140 Approval, Before I-485 Submission

I have a PERM and i-140 approved by my previous employer. My priority date is 15 Mar 2015. I changed my employer in Jan-2020 with a similar job occupation. I was told that I don’t need to file a completely new process for PERM and i-140 with the new employer but the new employer can file an i-485J form when the priority date is current to complete the remaining GC process. Is this a valid process to complete my adjustment of status(i-485) and apply for EAD? What are the complications involved of going through the route with old i-140 and getting an approved i-485? If that option is not viable, will I have to file a new i-140 with the new employer? There’s got to be an easier way of dealing with this, because I’m sure many people have changed their employer after their i-140 approval.

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You have to start your green card all over again, no question about that. FAQ in detail...


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